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ratshack 7 months ago

I truly hate how Neocities decides which page to highlight. I can't be the only one who always edits the most important page first!

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pikemalarkey 7 months ago

I got used to doing the homepage last for the same reason but I forget occasionally and then it sucks. Also: e-mailed Neocities to ask about a @ (mention) function ages ago, no reply received.

I remember both Mowgli and Ezhik v Tumane from my childhood. The beginning of Mowgli with the peacock walking around and that melody was always so magical and to this day I'm in love with Bagheera. The space travel animation is new to me but, weirdly, the space it depicts is not! There's something very nostalgic in a way that space was portrayed then, so full of hope.
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