What The Fuck, David Blue?

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Oh my gosh, your social directory! Wowzers! Oh also, can't wait to check out all the other cool stuff! :)
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a big thank you, NeoCities!!
so last night, I made a GitHub repository ( for the sites I archived with wget and published it without considering that such a thing might make some users feel icky, for lack of a better word. is this sort of aggregative showcasing of others' creations something that people will feel relatively comfortable with, here, or should I just stop now? thanks in advance !
cubertown 3 years ago

fine by me although my site is far from finished so itd be more of a snapshot than a complete archive

David Blue: Zine Printer Extraordinaire
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Shoot dang! I wish every essay looked like this! (Not really, but ya know...) A masterpiece, as I'm sure you know.
As First Minister of The Church of COMPAQ, I was obviously elated to find your page. Bless!

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