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C'est cool de trouver une kheyette ici :)
seraphsanctum 3 years ago

ty so much for telling me how to hard refresh :'D

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anonyme 3 years ago

>Les IRL's du JVC

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cool fonts
really cool, lot of interesting projects!
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pure 2006 madness <3
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So cool. I like the loading effect and all the style effects. They are really impressive. I didnt know they were even existing ! I'll definitly keep an eye on your work
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povo 3 years ago

Thanks! Glad you've learnt some stuff from it :)

I dont know the fuck happened but I got temporarily blocked by your guestbook. Nevermind, I wanted to say that's a pretty fucked website! Keep going. And btw, I saw that you were born in 2003. At first I though "wtf, he must be like only 11yo and already has an awesome website, how is that possible". But we already are in 2020 x) Good job !
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tangotrail 3 years ago

omg...... im glad u like my site! im not sure how you were blocked cuz a couple months i finally figured out i could disable guestbook filters............

Cool vibes ~
corrxpted 3 years ago is a very strange website. So strange to know that's one of the first webiste you explored. How did you even found it ?

monar 3 years ago

Thank you for stopping by! Your site's amazing too. I have some updates on the horizon, so hopefully I'll have those up soon.

monar 3 years ago

As for, I don't remember how I discovered it because it was so long ago now but I'm assuming I searched "AIBO" on the web and found it that way. It used to be a very relevant search result for that particular robot.

So many experiments ! I'm glad to discover your website, you are really skilled. I like when you put a textbox in order to let us edit the code and experiement in live! Awesome feature!
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beedge 3 years ago

Thanks homie, glad you like :)

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