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nice follow spree lol :)
hoylecake 3 years ago

your website is sick btw it reminds me of the album art for satisfaction or benny something i forgot their name ...

hoylecake 3 years ago

benny bonneti i think??

corrxpted 3 years ago

Thanks for your warmy message. I have plenty of ideas but limited time ~ Btw, I'm curious to see album you talk about !

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hoylecake 3 years ago

no problem , good luck on your website !!! also, it's the music video for satisfaction by benny banassi and the biz :)

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Loooooooooooooool awesome
Added a 'save ' button to save your amazing arts in little-dot and corruption :)
The best site I've seen in neocities so far ~ :)
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shishka 3 years ago

πŸ€˜πŸ‘½ many thanks πŸ€˜πŸ‘½

I managed to go in your contact page haha, all your pages doesn't have the same nav bar. ;)
cb17666 3 years ago

yes, my computer had the glitch where it it caches the data so I have fixed it now :)

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Ok I dared and I'm doomed now x)
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Really COOL !
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corrxpted 3 years ago

J'ai Γ©coutΓ© les sons sur spotify, c'est plutot pas mal :)

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Added a cool 404 page and Secret text is now mobile friendly !

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