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jwhighwind 2 months ago

...wait, planking isn't just something done in memes? Also, I think there's a difference between the "lore" you've mentioned here and what most people call "Lore" today. lore is diving into character(s)'s backstories in a way that shows how they fit into the world or how it relates to a game's/story's themes, while Lore is enigmatically explaining things to keep folks speculating for the sake of speculation.

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sauerbaker 2 months ago

Haha ah, I wish the meme plank yielded the same results as the exercise! I hadn't realized that the common meaning of "lore" had changed so much over the years. My intention is the former definition you outline--thank you for letting me know this shift has occurred!

koshka 3 months ago

I already adore your writing style. Goes well with the cozy feel of the website. One possible typo I found is "He did the entire front of house" instead of "he did the entire front of the house." Not sure if that was intentional.

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sauerbaker 3 months ago

Thank you for your kind feedback @kohska! :) I did indeed intentionally drop the word "the" from the phrase "front of the house"--I've picked up the colloquial shortened phrases "front of house" and "back of house" from workplaces past.

gatosalchicha 3 months ago

I can relate. Quarantine is a bummer and there are people I miss seeing, but I feel like going back to "normal" is going to drain all of my energy.

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koshka 3 months ago

I feel your pain, my friend. It's infuriating when people expect you to bend over backwards to please their every whim, but can't even do the bare minimum of acknowledging your own needs. Personally, the bliss of quarantine has made it even harder for me to hide my autism, and even less willing to compromise to neurotypical sensibilitie, after months of seeing how good I could theoretically have its.

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hello my local virtual baker thank u for reading my works...and for the kind words. im glad you found resonance!! :D
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