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your site is so cool!! seriously cool and epic. i don't much about the office either, but i've found that if you tell office fans your least favorite bits are the parts with steve carell in it, they get really shocked so you could try that sometime if u wanna cause chaos
nyanseong 3 years ago

thank you so much <3 echoing flowerbasket, i'm really excited to see more mochiquest! and thanks for the pro tip i'll try that next time someone brings up the office :>

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hey mochiquest is wonderful and it genuinely made my day... thank u
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roccie 3 years ago

im so glad you like it! thank you for playing; ill be making updates soon

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thanks for the 10k views, please check out my semi-ironic acnh waifu site for bea animal crossing i love you all. i would die for any of you, literally. i'm not kidding. happy fucken new years babey
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sweethard666 3 years ago

I love your writing style! And totally agree with your sentiments, Neocities is such a peaceful place to hang out :)

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ratworld 3 years ago

your hatred for that one sentence fills me with life. bullshit writing plagues my schoolwork and i have the same reaction to every sentence i need to read thats pointlessly intellectual.

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roccie 3 years ago

@ratworld...thank u for understanding . academia can suck my big toe!!!!

baller site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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roccie 3 years ago

thank you!!!!! your site is so cute!! :D :D

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