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preternaturality 1 year ago

For silly reasons, I started writing a short story. This is apparently the longest single page short story I've written on this website. Which, well, was a bit of an issue with my plan of 'I'll write this silly thing real quickly and then get to the actual stuff', whoops. Getting Should the Soil moving again is my next priority, and then hopefully I'll be writing more stuff in general again. Dread, maybe?

preternaturality 1 year ago

I also have plans to take that other website which I've almost never updated, with the non-writing art and such, and just smush it into this one like I should have in the first place. More on that, and other potentially exciting changes to my inter-net web-site, to come later, probably.

preternaturality 1 year ago

Also for the story itself, it's Departure! I'm pretty happy with it, though I think the ending could probably be better, there's a better way to tell the story that wraps up some of the loose ends here. So, eye out for that, eventually.

nohappynonsense 1 year ago

another month, another new pret story!

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