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preternaturality 1 year ago

And here's page two of this. Not sure if Dread page 3 or Preternatural page 5 will come next, yet. Working out some kind of proper schedule is also on the to-do list, although that likely won't be soon. Also, I edited the CSS just a tad, so there's more space in between lines, as that's a little more readable. I liked the previous very blocky look, but it's hard to argue this isn't easier on the eyes.

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lus 1 year ago

Is there more yet? contorted junji ito character panel WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO SEE IT?!

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preternaturality 1 year ago

You'll be on the moreyet notification fast track, I promise. Also of course I only just now notice a typo in Preternatural Page 4, whoops.

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