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I hope everyone is having a good 2021 so far. I've left the house to go on a road trip and visit friends before delta can blow up too big. We're all vaxxed and hoping that can at least mitigate things somewhat. Looking forward to on-campus learning this semester, because last one was completely a wash for me, lol. Be safe out there!
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11 months ago
geouniversal 11 months ago

2020s winter is coming, i wish you luck

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12 months ago
makz 12 months ago

Fixed a runaway anchor tag. Trying my hardest to get a new CSS rule set implemented with no luck so far. I remember someone saying CSS editing was broken for neocities a while back. Is it still?

debris 5 months ago

HTML/CSS sometimes don't update after saving. Clear your cache or restart your browser, update the files multiple times with slightly different code. Also, TFF fonts are glitchy, I figured WOFFs work better (if it's relevant to your issue). Cool site, by the way!

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1 year ago
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makz 1 year ago

Added a bit to my skills, removed podcasts that have finished broadcasting, changed what I'm reading and playing to reflect my recent efforts. I am, as the kids say, not dead.

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Come be my friend on the oldest(?) social media service still up and running, It'll be fun! Maybe! (

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