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joppiesaus 2 years ago

Nice work! Please don't use URL shorteners; will work fine :) you can read more about that here:

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Happy New Year!
Neocities should be finished updating the website in a few minutes.
jacoder23 2 years ago

I'll check it tomorrow.

And I have a drawing tablet and an art blog now!
jacoder23 2 years ago

Yiss, you can all see the monkey poop I've made now

So, a few days ago my mom checked out my site and to my dismay, she could not get past the first page.
jacoder23 2 years ago

So I've took her advice and removed the old UI and added a navigation bar to make thing easier along with removing a few of the ads and adding a project directory to make exploring the website just a bit easier.

jacoder23 2 years ago

Also, tomorrow I'll be editing the gradient background effect as it can cause some readability issues sometimes.

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