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jacoder23 1 year ago - I tried Firefox and now I'm even more confused, if any smart people understand why the initial connection is so slow then pls help

joppiesaus 1 year ago

looks like the DNS lookup took a while

jacoder23 1 year ago

Today, I am making a desperate attempt to catch up with modern technology to make my website run faster.

jacoder23 1 year ago

Never before have I heard the word "Async" as many times today, excluding my stint as a plumber.

jacoder23 1 year ago

I think that the Time To First Byte (TTFB) is making up about half of the slowdown? Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do on the server-side so I'll have to settle for optimizing the heck out of the other 50%.

jacoder23 1 year ago

I know it says multiply your Bitcoins right there, but since we're in an economic crisis I'd recommend you don't follow that advice.

jacoder23 1 year ago

For the new pages, I've tried asynchronously loading the scripts that add style to the webpage to speed up load times.

jacoder23 1 year ago

Load times should down from over 10 seconds down to only 1 for the heavy pages.

It might take a good 30 seconds to load at first for some; that's because of the fonts being loaded. After that, it should load smooth as butter.

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