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It seems the preview image for the new website got messed up, but I'll fix that tomorrow. I just wanted to say to anyone who is apparently still watching a website that I accidentally broke a several months ago: Hey, I'm back. Along with all the old versions of the website that I've managed to compile in to the Archives, along with some new stuff.
jacoder23 1 year ago

Well, it seems my long overdue update is being clogged up by Neocities' uploader. I'll be back in a minute after I set up WebDAV.

Website is currently down. Going to switch from Siteground to Neocities Supporter for hosting with a domain very soon.
Just posting here to let anyone who still remembers me know that I'm working on a new website: and am ironing out the bugs in the generated viruses in the Little Virus Laboratory
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jacoder23 2 years ago

I'm testing out the viruses on my new laptop. Don't worry, I delete my viruses before they can spread to my other files. ;)

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