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guys i have a problem my hamster website is a mess of links and i was wondering if u guys could take the time to look at the html(ctrl u) to see where my problem is.THX
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tehleroy 1 year ago

Also, why do you hotlink the images from the web? Just upload them, it's not hard

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arkmsworld 1 year ago

Yes, totally download those pics and re-upload them to your site. That will get rid of a whole mess of unnecessary links.

arkmsworld 1 year ago

Also, the alt attribute should really be descriptive of the image itself, not just something like "Taming hamster image 4". It should be something like alt="hamster running on wheel" or whatever. There is a title attribute for images that works just like the alt attribute which will show the title of the image when the mouse hovers over it. As for the original question, I'm not sure why the links aren't working. It

arkmsworld 1 year ago

might be that the website blocked hotlinking so it just gives an error instead of linking like normal. I didn't see anything obviously wrong with the links themselves.

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