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It's been a hot minute but I'm ready to retry this project. I've got new ideas for layout and navigation. And I've done more personal reading (shocker). Throw this phoenix to the fire; it's time to make this project reborn!
blamensir 1 year ago

I'm looking forward to it!!! Happy to see you back :)<3

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theisticsatanism 1 year ago

looking forward to this! :D

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This project will remain incomplete. Thank you all for 21k+ views. Blessed be.
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Damn has it been 2 weeks already? I fell off the wagon a little due to things in my real life needing my attention BUT I'm seriously planning to post again for real this time. Thank you for almost 17k views!
Thank you for 15k views! I've had some real life things to take care of for the past few days but I promise more is coming soon! :)
Apologies for the late response, but your message in my guestbook makes me happy every time I check it. Thank you for your kind words! :)
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blamensir 2 years ago

ahh im glad to hear that!! im so happy you liked the message <3:)

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