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8 months ago
divergentrays 8 months ago

Dude, sucks to hear about the car. Good luck on your search for a replacement! I hear you on this mad slide straight from Halloween into Christmas. There are people around my neighborhood who have already decorated for Christmas. It's crazy!

paintkiller 8 months ago

Oh dude, so feel you on the loss of an important vehicle, sorry to hear about that. And more or less right there with ya on everything else - just letting ya know, validation and all that.

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enflicted 8 months ago

@divergentrays, @paintkiller. I appreciate you both. Reading through my craziness can't be easy, or even stomach most of it. I usually read back my post's after I've sobered up, almost like a cleanse.

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enflicted 8 months ago

I do apologize if some of the things I say seem really harsh, or completely random. It's been good for me to get some of my rage out, and later read it, as if i'm a different person the next day

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arkmsworld 8 months ago

I am also Gen X and I don't like any of those things either. And it IS a good thing to feel the rage and then get it out of your system so you can turn your attention to things you DO like. KnowwhatImean, Vern?

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enflicted 8 months ago

@arkmsworld absolutely. I've never really 'blogged' before, mainly because i'm just 'that generation' that doesn't feel the need to share everything. I will admit though, expressing my distaste for certain things is definitely therapeutic. Glad I'm not the only one!

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