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i want to remake my homepage again... i feel like it never looks the way i want it to look... grrr... i'm gonna force myself to sit on this this time
huh? sawtooth like homestuck?
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eneco 6 months ago

or sawtooth like wave?

sawtooth 6 months ago

sawtooth like the wave 😭 never read homestuck

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new about me :]
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your site is DELICIOUS... to me it tastes like when you lick a coin but in a very satisfying way.
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melankorin 2 months ago

thank you! now im curious though...... what do coins taste like? is there flavour hidden under the endless layers of filth?

what a charming site! it tastes like lemon-lime soda... i can't wait to see how it grows! ヾ(•ω•`)o
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highcloudquintet 6 months ago

i'm so glad you found your way to me! and i love your site name. skitty was a childhood favorite of mine....

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ah!!!! following just to keep an eye on u... hello everynyan and epic wizard gif YAAA ur sites gonna be awesome i just know it!
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yaoiwarrior 6 months ago

TYSM your hope in my site inspires me...and looking at ur site inspires me even more!!! IT'S SO COOL!

new home :] again..

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