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bai bai ~ :3
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hi! unsure who's going to see this, but this is eneco's new site. i may move here entirely, so stay tuned. thank you for enjoying my work!
i love your site so much! it's inspiring me a lot... keep working hard! (。・∀・)ノ゙
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aioi 5 months ago

♡(。- ω -) aah it makes me really happy to hear that!!! you have such a gorgeous page!!! you keep working so hard as well!!!

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considering a complete overhaul of this site... while i'm proud of all of the work i've put into it so far, the site as a whole does not really fall into what i envisioned it to be. bwaahhh... that's why i haven't been updating... i'll keep you guys updated though.
eneco 6 months ago

for now though i'm trying to make a different site that's more reflective of me... at the same time, i don't want to abandon this one! oh well...

eneco 6 months ago

it's at 3dfishies by the way :)

isoi 6 months ago


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eneco 6 months ago

@isoi HI.

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ruralrose 6 months ago

Have fun and take your time!

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just played milk inside a bag of milk. oh dear. oh dear
omg WHY SO CUTE ???
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eneco 7 months ago

wahhh hehe thank you!!! (/▽\)

your site is so clean & well made... i already left a little note in ur guestbook yesterday but i found myself wanting to look at it again!
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fearoffun 7 months ago

Q_Q !!!! thank you so much for appreciating my site and leaving a kind note in my guestbook too....!!!!!

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