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can someone tell me if they see the correct font on all of my pages? just trying to see if it's a neocities issue or something on my browser issue
saturn7 3 months ago

could be wrong but everything seems right

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badgersaurus 3 months ago

looks good here too i think !

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ancientangel333 3 months ago

on my end the thoughts, shrines, links, and about me pages look good. it's the home and interests pages that look off

wow, logged on today and my site's got 10k views! to be fair, probably a good 3k of those are me. but thank you to everyone who has decided to stop by and look around, i extremely appreciate it <333
update: BLINKIE EXPLOSION!!! in a new area is up and running!!!!!! it should not have taken me so long to figure out but i did it!
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doing some maaaajor changes to the layout and pages to the site, so i'm sorry for the mess! trying to make the content in the sidebars for each page a little more unique to the page, so BLINKIE EXPLOSION will be gone for awhile until i figure out how to do this thing i want to put them in.......

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