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scopefilter 1 year ago

Got a new guestbook entry so I updated the guestbook. You can probably expect there will be more over the coming days as there's an exhibition this Thursday for our graphic design work and designers are setting up today. 😇

scopefilter 1 year ago

I put a QR code to the guestbook on my exhibition table along with a physical notebook which is a physical version.

Thank you for the follow! 🐟
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Your UI/UX designs are very clean!
Your logo looks like a cute little stamp or enamel pin, and I like the high contrast website. Your Twin Peaks studies are cool, did you ever watch Season 3 (Revival) and if so, I'd like to know your thoughts.
Your site was one of the first I found on Neocities about accessibility and I'm glad it exists.
Thanks for the follow! 🐟
Just needed to fix a few divs on these pages.
scopefilter 1 year ago

Needed to fix some divs

I added a Guestbook using a Discord Web hook. I really like this approach so I think I'll add it to my other website too when I get a chance. 😄

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