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I removed my name and personal pronouns from my bio to replace it with 'scope filter'. In future I would like to use my preferred name but as I am not out to most people, I decided to just remove my birth name. (I'm transgender!) Will probably delete this post later but just wanted to give a brief explanation.
Hi bobble-pi, thank you for following! Is your name based of the Bubble Bobble game?
bobble-pi 2 months ago

No haha I didn't know about this game till now but will check it out :) The name is actually an obscure reference to a time when I edited big goofy eyes on people's profiles and called it Bobble Eyes.

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scopefilter 2 months ago

Oh that makes sense. Bubble Bobble is pretty cute if you get a chance to play it.

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Thanks for the follow! 🙂
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Your site design is very dark gothic, looking forward to seeing your future designs.
Been awhile since my last update, but I made my first design of 2023 / first design since finishing my Diploma! It's a Neurofunk album cover with an industrial gothic style, please check it out!🐟
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