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Thanks for the follow!
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Hey sanguineroyal, thank you for the follow!
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Hey Frills, thanks for the follow! Your site is a sight (ha) for sore eyes, and I really like your accessibility pages (the link to the article Web accessibility: People or profit? rings true).
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pixelglade 5 months ago

While I'm here, thanks for following my other site (this one) too! 💜

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fri11s 5 months ago

Heya! No worries. I am here for everything your site stands for. That article resonates right? Particularly the bit about 'Accessibility advocates often feel that they must present their case for accessibility with a capitalistic flair.' is sad but true

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scopefilter 5 months ago

For sure, almost every accessibility lecture etc I've watched has to frame it in terms of Accessibility will improve your bottom line because it will increase traffic to your site which equals more money.

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Hiya! This is pixelglade's other website. Hope you're doing well! 😊 By the way, do you mind if I send you an email? I want to run an idea by you. Mine's
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solaria 5 months ago

im good! btw i did send u an email to the adress you gave me, let me know if you didnt get it ^^

scopefilter 5 months ago

I got your email and replied to it. 👍

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Appreciate the credits page, gonna check out some of those articles, thanks for putting it together.
Hi there, love the classic HTML / CSS layout and how legible everything is. Appreciate the accessibility focus as well.
Updated my website to give details on web accessibility testing I can offer now! Please forgive the long hiatus, I had some real life stuff going on. 🏳️‍⚧️🙏

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