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hello friends ✨ have been meaning to update for a while but life is oh so busy! i realise how much i appreciate this platform though. i've been considering deleting the majority of my social media accounts and spending more time here. anyone who's done this before? i would like to know how it went for you. i feel social media has a way of making you feel as though you need it when you do not want it!
22yk01 2 weeks ago

I gradually removed social media when I saw how much time I spent on it, when I cut it out I replaced that time by browsing more stuff about my actual interests and learning on my own. socials don't make you realize how much useless info gets thrown into us, I now only use it to look at the news sometimes, but that's it

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22yk01 2 weeks ago

It made my life better and ironically enough I got to talk more with the people that I have more in common with; I think there is a lot of fomo involved but the moment you cut socials out, even temporarily, you realize that there were not many important things to begin with

nekonokuni 2 weeks ago

I've never used social media much, but when trying to stop to access a site that requires log in I just sign out and remove my password from saved passwords so as I'll have to look up for my username and pass again I'd get lazy and won't do it LOL

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just read your post about andrew tate + sex work - brilliant stuff. nice to hear someone be honest on the subject
22yk01 9 months ago

Thank you! I wish I could've written it better (;_;)

ur site is really sweet :)
nightscented 10 months ago

aww thank you, i thought the same about yours!! defo need to add things to mine

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