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Added stuff here and there this past week. Everybody have a really GREAT weekend! If you have ANY questions or comments, just say so here. It's All Good. Be Cool, yeah? :)
Good for you, dear. Had it figgered. Very proud of you. :)
gwtagacw 3 years ago

Thankyou, Kenny! :D

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kenny46140 3 years ago

Keep up the good work, cool?

Oh, yeah. For those of you whipper-snappers who are jazzed about graduation or school letting out; Whoo-Hoo! Good For You! Times Two! Try a job; it's the same 8 hours PLUS yer gettin' PAID. If yer bein' sent to Camp or to Summer School; I'm a Merc For Hire. Will deliver a hearty SHMACK to the back of yer folks' heads! ROCK yer Summer !!! :)))
arkmsworld 3 years ago

Don't do it, kids. Growing up sucks! I'm going back to being 8. Catch y'all in the 70's! :)

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kenny46140 3 years ago

...Oh, there are more. TONS more from the "before times", folks.

It's good to see your page has REALLY taken flight! (har-har:) Very Cool. THX for the follow, too. My personal fav: The Mantis. Have you every done/seen the "Drowned/Revived Fly" trick? It's harmless. Look it up. Keep up the GREAT work !!! signed, "Nature-Boy Ken-bo"
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roachparade 3 years ago

thank you hahah! you're welcome though, i see you around a lot and you seem like a chill guy. mantis' are so cool, i can really understand the love for them! the drowned fly trick is an interesting one for sure, i may write up a page on that at some point since it's certainly relevant. thank you again!

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