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kenny your comment makes me more encouraged to stay on neocities since your such a cool dude
kenny46140 3 years ago

Dude, If ya really gotta get things done then THAT's the priority. You know that, I know that... everybody does (or should!). Keep neocities on the back burner. I do. While I'm gettin' projects done, I'm thinking of ways to change my pages and what to put on. Follow? Good, man. Just keep everybody posted, yeah? Rock On !!! :)

bobzilla 3 years ago

Hey! Don't worry, when I put life in my reasons for leaving, that was less about personal problems and more of an excuse to get it to more then two things. :P However my main priority is of course life and all that jazz, family first and all. I plan on trying to update this when I can, just know that you are an awesome dude, Rock On !!! :D


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