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LVL Major Update #1 - Added new payload - Website Bomb. - Fixed issues with large monitors. - Other miscellaneous improvements.
jacoder23 4 years ago

- Created Tutorial Mode. (Forgot to include this one, if you have this enabled then on the top right you'll see some text describing whatever element your cursor is hovering over)

The Little Virus Laboratory has been updated! Changelog: - Allows addition of custom virus name. - More transitions are now smoothened.
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I've spent a month working on this so please do check it out!
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So, around a year ago when I was 12 I coded by myself over one month a virus generator. It was fun first attempt and I loved making it but it didn't work so well. It made "viruses" that sort of worked but most of the time didn't since I didn't have that much programming experience. Now that I'm 13 and I've gotten more experienced I decided to rebuild the old virus generator from the ground up.
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