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I think I am going to make a to do list on the site some time today, bc I need reminders on what to do next
Wow I just hit 40,000 views recently!
Ok nvm it looks like its back up now
feralasar 7 months ago

Well my images are, but not site hosting them which is weird.

rn my site is broken bc the host I was using is down :/
feralasar 7 months ago

Man I need to find a real host for my site, but fuck man why does everything fucking suck ass or cost money to use?

feralasar 7 months ago

I mean I could use neocities itself, but the amount of space I have is limited bc I can't pay for a supporter plan.

feralasar 7 months ago

I realized I had the wrong favicon on the index page just now, hence why the update.

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Kinda interesting that the 404 page is a ghost story, that's about to be near completed just right on halloween, and yes I plan on putting the ghost of ol rocky in the picture somewhere for fun too as an ' I spy ' thing lol.
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