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There is now new lil pixel cacti next to update sign on the front page!
Now finished the index warning sign
Just making that 1 little new title made my site feel a lil more cozier to me, and that is good sign!
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Ok so I decided the title page will be going on the front page, and there will be a different picture for the index page ( which will simply say warning ), bc new ideas + I decided the title page looked better on the front page instead.
I am now currently working on the index's pages title, hence why there is a placeholder picture above it!
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feralasar 7 months ago

Originally I was going to go with a picture in a picture frame saying feral world, but I ended up with just a drawn title saying Feral's world instead.

feralasar 7 months ago

I will probably reuse the picture frame as a border, but I dunno, I drew it thinking it'd make for a good index title picture but I found a better idea right in the middle of sketching it.

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