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nice layouts!
angelslayouts 1 day ago

thanks!! :D

ANGEL'S LAYOUTS was updated.
1 day ago
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angelslayouts 1 day ago

bunch of simple grids 4 ppl that have their own ideas and just need a layout to base it off of. or an easier way 2 read grid code to learn it better!

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angelslayouts 1 month ago

cardcaptor layout added, updated appstore code comments

i forgot how neos message board works, hi, it's angel! the base version of the layout is done. it only works on screens similar to mine though so i'll fix that and have the code up in a bit! you can still look though :)
angelnetcast 1 month ago

angel approved message u can see the layout in the updates field of this site :p

angelnetcast 1 month ago

IT IS DONE (in it's base form,, i still have to add a few things and make a distribution page for it but keep an eye out for it soon!!)

i am starting work on layouts again tho (it's still angel!)
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