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Today I've got an addition that I put off adding because of laziness - Cemetery from Germany. My favorite track from The Last Day on Earth. Bandcamp:
lanzerrath 9 months ago

Peklo - Infernoctis (2021); relatively new act from Ukraine with a destructive debut.

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Update for today is one of the most confusingly enjoyable metal bands I've heard: Sigh. Fans of Lo Strano Vizio della Signora Wardh will probably enjoy The Transfiguration Fear from the same album. Japan has some interesting bands to say the least! Album:
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lanzerrath 11 months ago

Sigh is \m/! Thanks for sharing our first album by the way; hope our forthcoming 3rd album meets you well.

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darkandobscure 11 months ago

@lanzerrath Excited to hear news of another release!! Will you produce cassettes of the third album? Would love to add it to my collection when it drops :)

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lanzerrath 9 months ago

Tapes are in and match nicely with the set. Sent you a promo digital copy for your support. Cheers!

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Long time, no update. Fell off the wagon but we are back on it with Creepozoid's demo. the Deicide influence is clear! Although the vocals are at times..... certainly demo worthy. Enjoy.
Yet another death/doom band for today. Much more death leaning, but I'm not the authority!
Today's update is a Polish death/doom band. Full album:

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