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New update, Acid Mammoth. If you like Sabbath, you will either like them or think it's a rip off because they are quite inspired by it. I'm the former. You will probably like them if you like Ghost, too. Similar vocals.
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I try not to do double features just because it's an arbitrary rule I made for myself. But the new Peklo album is so good I have to at least share it in status updates.
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Busy inhaling resin fumes and dishwater. Update eventually.
Speaking of TikTok, should I make one? I'm not sure how I'd format it, but whatever. I've seen a couple new bands on it too that I ended up liking and posting here.
nsp 1 year ago

Influencer friend has 73k followers and swears by it. But she posts 3 times daily, missing a post costs her about 200-1500 followers. Conversion stats are pretty good though. Demographic is far outside metal though.

darkandobscure 1 year ago

@nsp I have a personal and the only videos I post that do well are tagged metal haha. I think I have different standards for good performance than most people... it is definitely a grind I know.

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New band I found (or, he found me and I was curious lol) on TikTok. If you like the likes of Lifelover, you'll probably like his stuff.
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Redneck Black Metal for today. Oh yeah, it's a thing. As a redneck I find this song hilarious. Cheers.

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