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how long does it take for a site to update after files are uploaded? I'm going on at least 10 minutes here... I checked the files and they are the correct new ones, but they're not showing on my site. Not sure how long that's meant to take
cybherspace 1 month ago

ok update... it's been an hour...

kickaha 1 month ago

It _should_ be pretty much immediate, so if something's still the matter it's unlikely to be the system itself

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valentines 1 month ago

Late, but have you tried ctrl + f5 for a hard refresh? If that doesn't work you could try clearing out your browser cache too.

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cybherspace 1 month ago

ok thank you all, I figured it out. because I'm using iframes I need to ctrl + f5 with just the target page open, and then do it again when I have the target page open inside the iframe.... it

cybherspace 1 month ago

(sorry bumped the enter key) it's a bit of a pain but it works!

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