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I want to move my site back to Neocities, instead of just having a silly blog, but FTP is so nice when you have a bunch of pages. Does anyone do WebDAV?
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jackomix 3 years ago

You could use the CLI, you could also use the CLI and make batch scripts where you would input the directory of the file you want to rename/delete/update/upload.

arkmsworld 3 years ago

Sorry, Neocities is closed. The moose outside should've told ya. 8|

yoooo was updated.
3 years ago
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okay, i found a use for my neocities page. I'll be blogging about my personal life, but I'll also be posting about updates to all my other damn sites
beatnik 3 years ago

dont h8 me

how shady would it be to use this page as a splash for my off-neocities homepage until I figure out what else to do with my neocities space? i love this community, i just kinda wanna experiment with my own server
arkmsworld 3 years ago

Perhaps even shadier than the Real Slim Shady, if such a thing were possible. Nah, just kiddin'. It'll be fine.

potassiummcr2 3 years ago

I already kind of do that, just that I do have a couple pages here, that link to a bigger domain, but I don't know....

websitering 3 years ago

Add a nofollow tag to the link to your site, otherwise Google might ID the Neocities page as a doorway page. Otherwise, it should be fine.

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