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ok added a new follower the other day and now i worked on organizing more layout to the About Me page and added some things i do with game mod stuff...neck is still bothering me pretty bad, cold is getting better, on neck the muscles need more PT which i am working on they are so sore and inflammation on back of neck is awful but the nerve block helps so much yet the trade off is the shot spots hurting now for a week
astraya 5 months ago

ow going on two weeks with knots so turning head brushing hair or laying down is hard as hell so i am not getting much sleep so doing website stuff is kinda at a snails pace i will get there but maybe after march for major stuff like the pick a rune code .... sigh but so much stuff going on that is all i can do ... so creating images for mods and minor LUA code is sometimes ok... just ow... is all i can say on it and

astraya 5 months ago

on strong pain meds as well as trying to clean haha... so major work probably March now..."

sorry folks been busy working on a minetest game mod to up the graphics in it to 128x128 images for my game i like to play and make food things lol!! made tons of things on toast last night so need to make the code for it and so havent done much on here lol
may get more blinkies up on favorites under about me soon everything else is gonna be behind schedule cus of life stuff have a great day
19,313 few more hundred views and i have 20,000 views yay... i will try to get to some more work on crystalball or pick a rune this coming week... hope to finish one at least we see code has been a pain lately and i get frustrated and in pain from head neck bone crud but have the nerve block so yay maybe i can be more productive we see thank you for the views keep them coming!!!!
i made a button cus i didnt see one its on my front page at the bottom with the other followers if you like you can keep that have a good day
stampiezzz 6 months ago

thank you SO MUCH im going to use it once i figure out a few things...

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astraya 6 months ago

just added new follower buttons on the front page ... sinus issues so good night i do more when i fee better *sneeze* ugh!

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thanks for the follow i am following back now
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slepeoci 6 months ago

Oh, I am very thankful <3. Lest goo

thank you for the follow i will add your button tomorrow and i will follow you as well good luck with your website build
stampiezzz 6 months ago

thank you so much

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