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What do think about the redesigned header? I've added links to major categories to improve browseability, which was a weakness this site's blog format had for some time. The banner is a nice meme but it takes much more space than the icon did. I'm kinda digging it personally.
headache-booth 4 years ago

I think I prefer the icon but that might just be because I'm not used to the new header yet.

strata 4 years ago

The banner's great but maybe make the browser directly jump to the main content on any site other than the homepage? Could you understand my messy English?

vas 4 years ago

I could just remove it on non-index pages.

vas 4 years ago

Okay, I removed it from articles for now. I'll keep it only on the root index in the future, but that'll require some more thorough changes.

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Visitation on this site spiked by like an order of magnitude overnight. Which one of you lolicons is responsible?
joppiesaus 4 years ago

konichiwa vas-nie-san, my name is wee a. boo, my favorite anime is darudesu no sandstorme. my favorite album is pink guy - pink album. thank you for making meme text tool, you have a great blog. have a great one!

vas 4 years ago

Thanks. I'm never gonna give you up.

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