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rainstormsinjuly 1 month ago

I hate that update limit thing so much

I love your website. I'll read every word you posted because, seriously, it's funny, and it's also educational.
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strata 2 months ago

Great post, I particularly liked the serious in-depth discussion of a way to make The Internet work again.

ake 2 months ago

Impressive, but certainly won't work, you're fighting bloat wrong. Fundamentally non-commercial Fidonet died at the millenium dawn, technically inferior gopher is more like galvanized cadaver. Actually, webdevs has no intention to make your CPU fan spin at the highest speed and sites showing ads doesn't seem to be maintained from your donations.

vas 2 months ago

If web devs don't want free tax payer money, it's their loss. That's more money for the sane people. The government undercutting shady markets, thus bankrupting them has worked wonders for drugs, no reason why ads should be any different. Though ideally all forms of advertising would be declared illegal: put up or gulag.

joppiesaus 2 months ago

idk where I heard it, but I heard "lolita express" and thought of you ;-). great article so far, only read the first thing, as I need to go now. I'll read it later, have a nice one!


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