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Remind me to clean up the static site generator code cause it's a swamp. And I don't mean no regular swamp either, I'm talking every bear in the woods goes there to take a dump. It's hell.
I like the new home page, but consider transcoding the pictures with mozjpeg (even the defaults). For 1080px, the records image goes from 328KB to 139KB (less than half). If scaled down to 500px (the container max-width), it's 24KB (7.32%). I download more data for that image alone than my entire index page, inline images included. To be fair, it's still super lightweight by corporate web standards even unchanged.
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strata 3 years ago

Yes, I know this and I'm honestly sorry about it. Problem is: it's only 500px on desktop. My phone has a portrait width of 1080px so I adapted for that. And even then I ran everything through guetzli on quality=87 for the (in my opinion) best trade-off between size and quality.

strata 3 years ago

These images are very high in detail and running them through shitty encoding settings makes my heart ache. Having visitors download 1MB for the frontpage also makes my heart ache, but just one percent less. it's a dilemma :/ (but I'll try to decrease the size and see if it looks acceptable on the phone™)

strata 3 years ago

Still, thank you very much for your valuable input. It means a lot to me when people notice these details.

vas 3 years ago

I only noticed cause things usually load instantly with neocities' crazy CDN lol. It's okay. Seriously, just try mozjpeg. You save 50+%, and all you lose (from what I see in my monitor) is a tiny bit of luminocity in certain parts of the image which IMHO don't affect the image negatively.

strata 3 years ago

I'll give it a go.

headache-booth 3 years ago

I think your site is fine how it is already, it kinda stands out in a way.

vas 3 years ago

I don't think I'll do a major redesign. I'm leaning towards a section between the header and the blog.

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strata 3 years ago

I really like that minimalistic approach of your site. It's not old-fashioned and not black and white hype shit. But please center your background pattern.

vas 3 years ago

I set the background-position property to be centered on the horizontal axis. I also disabled the scrolling in the background with background-attachment cause it was driving me nuts on my larger monitors. I didn't even know those CSS propertises existed, but that's CSS1 for you, I guess.

strata 3 years ago

Thank you, now I can kill myself in peace.

Hey, you probably want to declare charset on your site, see here Also baguette is probably my favourite kind of bread.
baguettescorner 3 years ago

thanks for the input!

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