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flaum 1 year ago

i can't wait any longer for sexbots. i might even code up a good dialog system for when they arrive

vas 1 year ago

Robots will take some time, but if you're really impatient you can order a doll from our Chinese overlords for like a thousand bucks. They're pretty good and they can be as thick or flat as you like. *wink wink nudge nudge*

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Recently comments I post seem to get lost to the void, but it's not all of them. I can comment on my updates and strata from what I've seen. Weird.
joppiesaus 1 year ago

whoa, strange!

vas 1 year ago

I can like everything as usual, BTW.

strata 1 year ago

Just use the NC contact form. They reply really quick and will fix it.

strata 1 year ago

Damn, there are Germans on Neocities?

vas 1 year ago

I heard they had tasty eggplants. 🍆💦😏

strata 1 year ago

Weird... I think I've heard the same the other day.

flaum 1 year ago

just wonderin, are you mgtow?

vas 1 year ago

Nah. Too many misogynists and nazis in that community for my taste. That's why I'm surprised. But I also think romance and traditional male roles are BS, which some people call MGTOW. I align more with herbivore men cause hating all women and minorities is dumb and regressive.

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