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If you see Mesons Poppy ch7 in the index page ignore it. None of them are done yet i just have a brain full of worms and if it isn't up by today I'll become a pile of soil
I haven't even finished chapter1 of the story, but I am really loving it so far! Sometimes music is underwhelming and I would much rather hear people talking. Love it so far, love the audio implement! May I ask how you did it? :) Been wanting to add audio to my site for a while now!
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robertfitzroy 9 months ago

Of course! I actually just use the basic HTML audio tags. Here's how I do it:

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STARSTAR: CHAPTER 6 PAGES 135-144 IS OFFICALLY UP! That concludes STARSTAR'S CHAPTER6! Tell me what you guys think :) For any comments/questions be sure to either DM me on instagram or comment! Don’t reply to this cause then I can’t reply to you. (Neocities doesn’t allow that for some reason)
Decided this gets its own post because it gives me good brain worms and it makes me happy and warm: Tyler is officially autistic! Makes more sense everytime I think about it. He’s SO OBVIOUSLY had it since the beginning when I made him which is so funny to me, and it wasn’t even intentional.. love him so very much.
deadgirlpoetry 9 months ago

LETS GOOOO!! ahh that makes me v happy!!

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owlcollective 9 months ago

Heck yeah! Can definitely see it tbh, funny how it happens without intending to sometimes.

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ONE DAY MUSIC OPTION. Chapter7 I will attempt music option, cause I got a musical instrument and now music-making will be way more fun :3
Just started reading Mesons Poppy; liking the style of it and very curious to see where it goes. Nowhere near the end, just wanted to say that I'm liking it. Curious what the meaning of the light behind Poppy's head is. Noticed that the STARSTAR characters have similar red stars in front of them and I feel like there's some sort of symbolism there.
owlcollective 9 months ago

Also want to say I might be inspired to finally try making a comic by this. IDK why, just gives me the courage to think I can.

theburied 9 months ago

I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far! This series is full of symbolism (some easier to find than others) and lots of metaphors/different meanings. Also so glad and heartwarmed this has inspired you to try and make a comic! If you ever need advice, I'll be glad to give some <3 I've learned a lot from working on this+from other friends who also do/want to do comics.


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