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i'm on bad terms with the person who inspired me to start my own webcomic but i DO still want to thank them for both introducing me to neocities and inspiring me to create this comic, along with their other friends. As much as I hate to admit when someone I don't like has done good in my life, I am glad I met them and I am glad this comic was started. It was fun to make (sometimes) and while I'm not entirely happy---
theburied 4 weeks ago

---with the overall product, I'm glad to have been on this journey. To those who have been here since rudeappetite, I wholeheartedly thank you and love you. :) Thank you for being on this journey with me, even if isn't quite over yet.

god... chapter10 is soon. i WILL get emotional.
mesons poppy star star fan discord server /HALFJOKE. maybe an art discord alongside it idk. hangout for the mpss fans
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how does a soundcloud song for official mp/ss soundtracks? :)
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thinking about restart mp-ss :) <3 i know how i want to do it. daily mini comics with monthly plot relevent updates that are much longer and include song!
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theburied 1 month ago

obviously the mini comics wont be rendered and neither will the monthly plot relevent updates. i'm thinking of manga styled black/white/grey for both. monthly updates will include cover pages :)

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srry for lack of updates again im mentally sound
Happy Transgender Day of Visibility!!!! - from the transgender creator of mp/ss as well as the transgender cast (tyler, jackdaw, maverick, sean, poppy, gale, and johnny!)
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so excited because my mom bought me my dream figurine for $56 (usually this one i want is $300). so excited that im feeling physically ill. either way im full of joy im going to draw so much updates tonight
deadgirlpoetry 1 month ago

YOOOO THATS AMAZING who is the figurine of?

theburied 1 month ago

its Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain!!! He's 10 inches tall...

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