How long has it been since these extremely specific events happened?

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Added days since Club Penguin closed. Did anyone actually make any lifelong friends on Club Penguin?
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frogesay 4 years ago

No, because I was seven years old and my parents warned me not to talk to strange penguins who invite you to their igloo to play puffles with.

lolwut 4 years ago

Ouch, it hurts me that you linked to that specific April 2010 Steve Jobs memo about Flash when mentioning the rise of mobile gaming under the section concerning Club Penguin. Adobe Flash, and Flash gaming, will never die! Mobile gaming is full of casuals, anyway. (Also, I did not make any lifelong friends, or even any serious friends, on Club Penguin back in the day.)

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suird 4 years ago

I'm not into mobile gaming, and there are so many Flash games (Club Penguin included) that I definitely will hold to my heart for quite a long time. But, I think it's fact that Apple were a big reason that mobile gaming has now become a highly cherished business, and Steve's open letter was unfortunately one of the reasons that people moved away from Flash.

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lolwut 4 years ago

Yes, just another reason why Apple is the devil!

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