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soupault 1 year ago

There's now a plugin for easily inserting links to the page source file on github/sourcehut/etc., thanks to Hristos Triantafillou.

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soupault 1 year ago

There's an interesting edge case with heading_links=true and index that causes clearly unwanted HTML appear in the blog post links in the blog index. The cause is that index extraction happens after widgets run, so in the next release it will be done before that point.

Regarding the "Hugo and Neocities" post, recursive upload is possible with the neocities CLI tool, no custom script needed. I just do "neocities push build/". It's pure Ruby AFAIR so should be easy to install via gem on any OS.
neonaut 1 year ago

I had issues with the ruby gem the last few times I tried to install it (SSL certificate issue, I think?). Whatever it was, I did cursory research, realized it would take some time to sort out, and just went back to my MacGuyver setup.

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soupault 1 year ago

I've neglected updating the manual for a while, but now it's up to date with improvements made in 1.3-1.5.

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