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Very nice! It was silly for me to presume you didn't have a copy somewhere, I was mostly giddy to have a copy at all, and wanted to share. Good choice of reading material.
Hello. I got my copy of Penguin Rules from ‘Jan Tschichold: A Life in Typography’ by Ruari McLean. They are also printed in ‘Jan Tschichold: Typographer’ by the same author.
My school has a scanner, and I've scanned that individual page. Mail me:, and I'll reply with a copy of the page. 400 DPI, 4.8MB.
So here I am, with a very huge book on Jan Tschichold, searching the web for a PDF of his composition rules. Guess which site comes second to Wikipedia? I'm looking at a reproduction of the original in a physical copy of *Jan Tschichold: Master Typographer*. You did a good job with the recreation. In the reproduction I've got, there's a horizontal rule under the title,
kaa 2 weeks ago

and the fourth page ends a little earlier. "The Printing of Plays" starts at the end of Page 3 in the reproduction I've got in hand. Little nitpicks, thank you for your faithful recreation.

kaa 2 weeks ago

The only digital copy of the book I've got the reproduction in seems to be stuck in the purgatory of Google Books. The reproduction is on page 274.

kaa 2 weeks ago

Google Books makes me a little sad.

This is the only source of real documentation regarding actual usage of XeTeX without LaTeX that I have come upon. Thank you.

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