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Cool site. One thing though: please note that a Creative Commons button is meaningless when it doesn't link to a specific license (BY, BY-SA, BY-NC-SA...). Any of them would conflict with "all rights reserved" in the footer, too.
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hotlinecafe 5 months ago

Good shout, thanks! I've removed the button entirely for now.

I know you are not looking to add new districts, so this proposal is intentionally not serious! Troy (or Babylon): sites that used to be actively updated but haven't received an update in over three years. Potemkin Village: sites that have a good-looking index page, but links to all other pages are broken. Germania: sites that started with megalomaniac plans but never materialized.
encounters-ltd 5 months ago

that village idea both amuses and infuriates me

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bytemoth 5 months ago

dang dude if you're going to roast me like that post it on MY page

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