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Hi Tyrone! I'm preparing a soupault 2.0.0-beta1 release. I switched to a more expressive template library in the end and now your breadcrumbs problem can be solved with breadcrumb_template = """<a class="nav" href="{{url}}">{{name|replace("_", " ")}}</a>""" What OS are you using, so that I can make a binary for you to test?
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tyronezone 9 months ago

Hi Daniil, been working a lot recently, and I finally have time to check out 2.0! I downloaded the windows binary, and transfered the config settings. As for the template, I managed to get it working with breadcrumb_template = "{{name | replace ('_', ' ') | title}}". Thanks for the update!

soupault 9 months ago

Thanks for the update! I'm going to release the official 2.0.0 build this week. Did you use the convertor or converted the config by hand?

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