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lolwut 9 months ago

Well, damn, you enjoy YTPs, too? Nice! I am also an old fan of the genre, but admittedly I am very out-of-touch with whatever people are making nowadays. (Is Moar Krabs still a thing? Or PINGAS?)

frogesay 9 months ago

My analysis of current YTP is that it’s been normified. Source material focuses on popular and recognisable properties, the jokes reflect modern-day meme culture, the editing is more over-the-top, and there’s no respect for the old memes or traditions. The oldheads are dead and so are the old ways.

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lolwut 9 months ago

That is quite disappointing to hear. The mainstream got ahold even of YTP, eh? It's refreshing to see that you still remember the scene as it existed in the old days, back in the 2000s.

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lolwut 9 months ago

Hello, 2007

This is some really nice artwork you have. I hope you continue to update your site with your works as you create them.
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fluffyhyena 9 months ago

Thank you so much! I haven't done much digital art lately because school, but hopefully I'll have more time now! Or at least I'll dig up something I haven't posted yet

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