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Hey so I originally ignored your offer to do the collaborative poetry with me because I didn't realize your "White People Should Go Back to Europe" post was satire...but knowing it's satire, I'm unsure about your choice of target. Like, are you anti-decolonization, or are you against the certain kind of immature idea of what it is that's there? Sorry if that's a dumb question, it's just hard to get a read on that.
blithefemme 7 months ago

Assuming the satire isn't EVIL and you're not anti decolonization in general, I would definitely like to work together :)

0shame 7 months ago

Ah, sorry for the confusion. My satire isn't always meant to deliver a serious underlying political message. Some stuff is just me getting a kick out of presenting outrageous/stupid ideas, like this: The Back to Europe post probably makes more sense if you know that I'm white and opposed to the concept of deportation/borders in general.

0shame 7 months ago

To the extent that the post had a political message, it was against people who make content-free arguments that immigrants should leave because "they don't belong here" or "it's against the law." Throughout the post, I made sure to make zero arguments that addressed why deporting White people would actually benefit anyone, and instead made it all about duties and whether they're "allowed."

0shame 7 months ago

So yes, I'm definitely not against decolonization, and I'd still be happy to work together.

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blithefemme 7 months ago

Thanks for the clarification. Dunno what form of communication is easiest for you, but you can email me ( to figure this out :)

Would anyone like to work on some collaborative poetry? Released under a free license or in the public domain, of course!
0shame 8 months ago

I don't think I'm an amazing poet (I've got a few poems on my site if you want to verify), but I might like to do this if you're still looking for someone.

I love how much hosting my new tab page on my site inflates my views. Kinda hilarious, unintentional though.
I'm so happy with the project I just uploaded to my site. It's honestly the most creatively fulfilled I've ever been.
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