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16Bit was updated.
5 years ago
websitering 5 years ago

Hey! Content! Good article by the way.

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gotta go fast!111!!!1!11
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You should have some SFC content. Will you include modern games on 16-bit consoles, too?
16bit 5 years ago

What is SFC? I plan mentioning all kinds of consoles on this site. Even indi games that have pixel art graphics

1034co 5 years ago

SFC = Super Famicom = Super Nintendo

16bit 5 years ago

I call it the SNES. IDK, I might have some Super Nintendo stuff, but I own a Genesis and not a SFC.

websitering 5 years ago

Intellivision. ;)

1034co 5 years ago

You can use an emulator to at least get the best you can without a real SFC.

make a 16 bit ultra brick break or i will unfollow you
16bit 5 years ago

I will try, even though I've made only one page on this site lol

jacoder23 4 years ago

why does this have 3 likes

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