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You can't even win a fight at all.
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dragonquest 5 years ago

You need to level up more, I think.

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kyledrake 5 years ago

I've beat it a few times, it's just really hard. The current speed run record is 63 hours (Summer Games Done Quick 2015).

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Here's why I stopped following you: you weren't following me. But, let me ask you one thing, how did you do PHP in Neocities if other people can't? Neocities in its FAQ said that it doesn't let people do PHP
nagato 5 years ago

A supporter account allows for uploading of any file type. However, I was unaware FAQ existed for Neocities, can you reply with the link to it?

fauux 5 years ago

I don't tho

Looks like you killed that 90s website feel.
networkneighborhood 5 years ago

Not for long. We're testing out a new layout, thanks for the feedback.

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