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your website is one of my favorite neocities. easy navigation, funny journal entries, its cool that you have a blogspot bc i also have (privately) used blogspot since middle school, your hate page is literally perfect (i have a huge list of everything i hate in my notes on my phone so i super relate to having a page dedicated to it), and im going through and listening to all the music you listed. k33p it up
suckmagl0ckhs 1 year ago

hey I'm so glad to hear that!! Since the beginning of high school I've been trying to put out into the internet my thoughts and stuff like that so that in the future it becomes something I guess? I haven't been updating my website because I've been procrastinating like hell but I'm planning on going back to doing stuff here.

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grossgirl94 1 year ago

i totally understand the procrastinating, every other month ill get inspired and change things but i end up getting overwhelmed by my messy html skills and disappear for a lil while again

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hey man, i love mario kart 64 (obviously a classic), i love diddy kong racing, super mario 64, pokemon stadium i think it was, golden eye, idk i love a lot of n64 games. which ones do you like? also if you wanna talk or be pals, we can exchange a social media or somethin.
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suckmagl0ckhs 1 year ago

hey there! i like those games a lot. ocarina of time is fucking awesome! my email is we can exchange info there!


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