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Heya stardustspirit, thanks for following. Good luck with your website redesign (I can't really see anything on your page yet but hope I get to in future).
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stardustspirit 1 week ago

thank you! also, i really like looking through your site! your artwork is great, and your fantasy cover art series is really fun to look through. i need to try some of your recipes!

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i just finished designing and implementing the basics for the upcoming site redesign! next, i need to actually fill out the pages. might take a while with school and everything though.
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enflicted 1 week ago

Looking forward to it!

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/ home was updated.
1 month ago
stardustspirit 1 month ago

the redesign isn't finished yet, but i'm still working on it!

hello my friend :3
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stardustspirit 2 months ago

hello myadeleines! nice to see you on neocities :D

a redesign is coming... whenever i feel like it
digital art is hard. i'm trying to draw an old OC and i just can't get the proportions right, even though it's just lineart! i'd say it's my old drawing tablet, but the more likely reason is that i have no idea what i'm doing
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